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Agriturismo - Centro ippico
Loc.: Porto Cesareo (Le)
 - 73010
Tel.: (+39).320.4824826
Tel. Pre.(+39).334.7429414
Fax.: (+39).0833.560220

          The farm holidays we are

The locality of Port Cesareo(salento Lecce) is a loved bathing goal above all from who tries spiagge with the most fine arena and founds them many bottoms. This small inhabited center, grown enormously in the last years, is dominated from the ancient defensive tower, than erge to protection of the main beach. Two other extended small of arena (Lido of Ancora and Frascone), graceful isoletta distant the little tens of meters from the shoreline and the games chromium plated us of the most limpid sea that bathes it, render this small marine of Nardò one bathing locality of remarkable tourist interest. Nothing is banal, that is skillfully ritagliato for the consent of a mass tourism. The Salento is authentic in every its angle, nearly geloso to show itself little little, only accommodates them with all but aristocratic for the friends, for those who knows to distinguish the fascination of the baroque villas, the severità of the castles, the sweet spell of the nature, the surprise behind the angle. 

Hidden between uliveti "Bellanova Turism Farm" House to 350 meters from the sea and It is ideal for who wishes to pass some day in tranquillity in means to the nature. 

It is always in the full respect of the nature that we produce to our products which, oil, wine, ortaggi, legumi, cheeses, honey, confetture, almonds, pinoli, melo grain, giuggiole, fichi of India, fichi, corbezzoli and vegetable.

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